Welcome to Capital Ventures!

We are dynamically developing advisory and investment firm, providing comprehensive services in the broadly defined business development and investment sector. Our services are dedicated for startups, small and medium sized enterprises as well as investors. Our mission is to support the passion for innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship among young and dynamically growing businesses. We believe, that thanks to our actions, both entrepreneurs and investors can achieve a win-win relationship. Managers get funds for development, professional aid in creation long-term and effective strategy to run their businesses and increase their value; whereas Investors have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs with their expertise and receive high returns.

Small and medium size enterprises cooperating with us, gain support in every area of their businesses as well as access to a qualified team of consultants, experts and Investors with long-term experience. For our current and potential Investors, we offer access to closed circle of financiers and possibility to invest and co-invest with private and institutional investors both from Poland and abroad.

What do you gain by cooperating with us:

Capital transactions

We provide a comprehensive support in the area of equity transactions, so you can:

  • learn the value of business and optimize its strategy
  • save your time on preparing documents
  • obtain support during business negotiations
  • secure financing, acquire or takeover a firm
  • boost your growth

Business development

We provide an active support in creating and optimizing the strategy of your business, so that you will:

  • adjust your business to current market requirements
  • boost your business development
  • build a strong brand recognition
  • create strong competitive advantages
  • maximize the value of your firm


We offer access to innovative investment projects, so you gain the possibility to:

  • diversify your investment portfolio
  • achieve outstanding rates of return
  • invest in innovative seed and startup projects
  • access private issues of shares and SME bonds
  • risk diversification and co-investments

In Capital Ventures we do not favour major over small customers as well as experienced ones over beginners. In fact, everyone has to start somewhere!
No matter at what stage you currently are, we invite you to contact us.