Our philosophy

In their search for high rates of return and diversified portfolios, investors often wonder what is worth investing in – a primary or a secondary market, public or private offers, bonds or shares, investment funds or maybe commodity market and Forex? Our aim is simple. The mission of Capital Ventures is to support young, developing businesses. We believe that by financing businesses in early stages of growth, both entrepreneurs and investors can achieve a win-win situation. If in search for high returns, you seek to: finance innovative ventures, support entrepreneurship, achieve the possibility to spread your knowledge and experience as well as participate in building competitive, scalable firms and create their value, this is the right place for you.

What do you gain:

Access to preferred projects

By joining us, you gain an access to innovative projects in seed, startup and dynamic growth stage as well as an access to issues of private shares and bonds.

Time and cost-savings

Thanks to support of our team of experts and an effective investment process, you save your time and money on various economic, financial and legal analyses.

High rates of return

By accepting elevated risks related to investments in early stage innovative projects, you gain an opportunity to achieve higher rates of return.

Personal involvement

By joining us, you don’t have to worry, that you are among many in our database. We take pride in keeping personal interaction with the Investors.

The network

We offer you the possibility to network and interact with entrepreneurs, investors and managers and the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and contacts.

Professional support

By joining us, you gain an access to educational resources, meetings, seminars and conferences as well as a constant support in analysing your investments.

Portfolio and risk diversification

You gain attractive, flexible terms of investment or co-investment with other investors or funds, by passing less money in a greater number of projects.

Equal terms

In Capital Ventures we do not favour major customers over small investors as well as experienced ones over beginners. In fact, everyone has to start somewhere!

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