Our philosophy

Our aim is to provide a complex, active and broad support to enterprises. We look forward to cooperating with companies, managers and owners, who understand that in order to succeed, every part of the business has to operate in an effective and optimal way. If you seek for: tailored and effective business strategies or/and financial resources to boost the expansion of your business this is the right place for you.

What do you gain by teaming up with us:

Capital transactions

We offer a comprehensive support in the area of capital transactions, i.e.:

  • investment projects financing
  • private equity/venture capital
  • private shares and bonds issues
  • acquire/sale a business
  • MBO
  • takeovers
By teaming up with us you will:
  • optimise the financial structure
  • maximise the effectivity of your strategy
  • explore the value of your business
  • save time on analyses and paperwork
  • gain the support in negotiations
  • raise funds, acquire or takeover a business
  • gain the post-trade support
  • boost your growth

Strategic advisory

We offer an active support in creating and optimising the strategy for your business in the areas of:

  • market, sectors and competition analysis
  • long- and short-term strategies
  • analysis of business model
  • strategy expertise of entering new market
  • sales and distribution strategies
  • marketing and branding strategies
By teaming up with us you will:
  • find out the reasons of your failures and successes
  • explore the areas providing major revenues
  • learn about the factors of key areas in business
  • find out the directions of a market expansion
  • gain a strong, competitive advantage
  • boost your growth
  • build a strong brand
  • maximise the business value

Financial advisory

We offer an active support in the process of creating
a financial strategy for your business in the area of:

  • due diligence, financial and economic analysis
  • working out a business models
  • creating and implementing the financial strategies
  • creating memorandum and business plans
  • business value and projects evaluating
  • goodwill management
By cooperating with us you will:
  • find out the costs and incomes sources
  • explore the areas that increase the profitability
  • cut the costs and improve the business effectiveness
  • estimate the value of your firm
  • learn about creating a business value
  • implement the omptimal solutions and strategies
  • find out how to support decision making processes
  • maximise the business value


If your project is at the stage that to boost, it needs an additional capital or a business model and strategy optimization
or you want to maximise the firm value and build a competent and recognizable brand, apply! Send us a message and we will contact you to arrange a meeting!