Our Philosophy

Our mission is to support the passion for innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship among young and innovative, dynamically growing companies. No matter at what stage you are – concept, validation or expansion – at Capital Ventures, we involve in projects at every phase. Our comprehensive approach to ventures at the seed and startup stage, is an outcome of our strong competences in the fields of financial advisory, consulting and business development.

Every business holds a risk of failure. Therefore, a proper start and focus are so important at the very outset of every venture. If you are interested only in gaining a passive investor or writing a simple business plan, there are many intermediary agencies, advisory firms, websites and guides, which would be helpful for you. The aim of Capital Ventures is to provide a comprehensive, professional support for beginning entrepreneurs in every key area of establishing a new business. If you want to build a strong, distinguishable and competitive company, relying on effective, long-term growth strategy, this is the right place for you.

We are looking for:

General criteria

  • Seed and startup investments: 50k–700k EUR
  • Investment at the expansion stage: up to 2 500k EUR
  • Investment horizon: 3 – 5 years
  • Enterprising, motivated team
  • Perspective of high returns


  • Financial products and services
  • Business solutions
  • IT, Internet, software, mobile technologies
  • Life Science
  • Healthcare


  • Niche product or service
  • Projects from Poland and abroad
  • High potential for fast commercialization
  • Business scalability
  • Potential to build a global brand


If you seek funding to start your business or boost it, or you just need a support in establishing a new firm, submit your project.

Send us a message, enclose a teaser, presentation, business plan or project description and we will contact you shortly!